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price: $94.05
part num: 4-70-54
Problem: Harmonic Noise Interfering with GPS Systems
Solution: TED Manufacturing 4-70-54 GPS Notch Filter

Your global positioning system receives its positional information at 1575.42 megahertz. The communications radios on-board your aircraft typically broadcast in the 121.5 megahertz range. That is a wide separation in frequency bandwidth but it's not the complete picture. Your comm's are also producing harmonics which can produce significant noise at the GPS frequency.

Now you can filter that signal and avoid potentially hazardous situations.

The TED 4-70-54 notch filter is a simple low cost way to clean up the receivers frequency environment.

The TED 4-70-54 notch filter installs quickly and easily via standard BNC bayonet couplings, in-line between radios and antenna. The 4-70-54 rejects in excess of 50dB of 1575.42 signal at the source. Each filter is individually tuned and checked to assure maximum performance. Of course, the 4-70-54 also passes strenuous environmental criteria so important in aircraft applications.

Major GPS manufacturers recognize this problem and recommend using the 4-70-54 on new and retrofit installation.

TED Manufacturing has been producing the highest quality components to the most exacting tolerances for the aviation industry for more than 35 years. TED Manufacturing goes beyond the point of simply meeting engineering minimums. At TED, we believe superb quality is fundamental and that exceeding customer expectations is our measure of success.

The GPS notch filter model 4-70-54 is just one example of how TED Manufacturing can put our experience to work for you to produce your special connector/filtering needs.


Plating-Nickel Contacts-Nickel, with 30u Gold Plate Maximum Voltage - 500 Volts Dielectric Strength - 1500 Volts Insulation Resistance - 5000 Megohms Temperature Range-55C to +85C

Parameter Typ. Units
Center notch Frequency 1575.42 MHz
Attenuation over F+/- 1.5 MHz 52 dB
Insertion Loss from 118 to 137 MHz 0.1 dB
Impedance from 118 to 137 MHz 50 Ohms
VSWR from 118 to 137 MHz 1.5:1

RFI FILTER/1KHz & BELOW/PMA - 13.8Vdc or 27.5Vdc
price: $75.90
part num: AK950-FTR1
FAA TSO-C71 approved.
:: Filtered Voltage = + (9.0 - 32.1) Vdc


Same as AK-950-FTR above, except it contains Waveform Smoothing Filter.
This Waveform Smoothing Filter eliminates RFI Noise at Low Frequencies only
caused by Alternator, Generator, Strobe Light Power Supply,
Cooling Fan, Fuel Pump Motor, Ignition Controller, Pressurization Motors etc.

TOGGLE SWITCH/DPDT (double pole double throw)/panel mount/screw terminals/environmentally sealed/on-on-on
price: $51.15
part num: MS27407-5

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Promotion: Mid-Continent MD-302
Price: $10,295.00
Promotion: ASPEN 1000 PRO
Price: $10,295.00
Desc: get your aspen installed out the door most aircraft for 10295.00

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Mid-Continent MD-302

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