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price: $2,548.70
part num: AA25-001
The AA25-001 single user Audio controller supports one headset per box. Connection to other users in the system is made through the ICS Tie line. The small size and extensive radio and ICS functions make this unit an excellent choice for multi-station aircraft.

AA25-001 Features
  • COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4 + PA
  • NAV, ADF, DME, MKR, & AUX receive switches
  • COM1 - 4, NAV & ADF level controls
  • +28 Vdc lights and +28 Vdc power
  • High impedance headset and mic
  • ICS, RX volume and VOX sq. controls

price: $3,458.40
part num: AA95-927
The AA95 series provide control for all aircraft audio, allowing selection of transmit and receive audio, LIVE, KEYED, or VOX intercom, interface for an additional hand held transmit microphone (hand mic), and pilot isolation/emergency operation.

price: $2,934.80
part num: AMS43

AEM’s extensive Multi-User Audio Management System controllers offer a wide range of features optimized to fit the widest possible cross-section of aircraft applications. Available in either single or dual channel configurations, AEM controllers are used in all types of light, medium and heavy helicopters as well as twin, turboprop, commuter and jet aircraft. Some models provide users the ability to customize controllers to meet unique needs and missions.

Single Channel: The AMS43 series is a standard controller providing transmit and intercom (ICS) capabilities for pilot and co-pilot plus intercom for 4 passengers. Panel controls include a master RX volume, ICS volume and ICS squelch (VOX) adjust. “Auto-receive” function is standard along with selectable receive switches for coms and nav sources. An ICS Tie line is provided to allow multiple controllers to be networked. The AA95, 96 and 97 controllers can be custom configured to support up to 6 transceivers or 5 transceivers plus PA.

Dual Channel: Specifically designed for special mission applications, the AMS42 and AMS44 have dual radio controls to independently select radio transmit and receiver audio. The dual channel configuration provides independent radio control for pilot and co-pilot within the space of a single controller plus intercom support for the crew and five passengers. Each pilot can choose the communications set-up specific to their role in the mission. The pilot can be selected on COM 1 while the co-pilot transmits and receives on FM 2 for true split transmit capabilities.

A full selection of receiver select switches are provided for each channel to further enable the pilots to remain independent from each other. The AMS42 and AMS44 have transmit capability for 5 COMs with “Auto-receive” function. The AMS44 has select monitoring switching for each COM plus 5 NAVs. The AMS42 has receiver select switches for the first 4 COMs. COM 5 is set up for auto-receive only. NAV inputs are selectable by internal dip switches. The AA92H and AA94 series provide the ability to customize controllers to meet specific needs and missions

H x W x D1.88” x 5.75” x 6.77” (47.7mm x 146.1mm x 172mm)
Tray mount2.00” x 6.25” x 6.77” (78.7mm x 246.1 mm x 172mm)
Power22 - 32 VDC at 250 mA typical (Excluding lamps)
Lamps160 mA/28 VDC (Max. 600 mA/5 VDC)
Environmental Categories:
Temperature(Operational) -20 C to +55 C (Survival) -55 C to +85 C
Altitude25,000 ft max.
Shock12 g (any axis)
Noise ReductionANF™ Active Noise Filtering
Key LogicGround seeking inputs for all lines
Hard ground outputs to all transceivers
TX LED lights with any transmit key input EXCEPT hand mic
HeadsetNominal 600 ohm loads, short circuit protected 500 mW/150 ohm (AMS43, AA95, 96, 97)
400 mW/150 ohm/side (AMS42, AMS44, AA92H, AA94)

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Promotion: Mid-Continent MD-302
Price: $10,295.00
Promotion: ASPEN 1000 PRO
Price: $10,295.00
Desc: get your aspen installed out the door most aircraft for 10295.00

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Mid-Continent MD-302

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