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FlightPath has access to thousands of aviation parts in all categories at discounted pricess.

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NEW! Max Trescott's Garmin G1000 CD-ROM Course
Learn to Fly the G1000 like a Pro from your Home!
Now you can easily learn to master the Garmin G1000 without paying to run the Hobbs meter! This new, award winning CD-ROM course helps you build your proficiency at home, so that you'll fly with greater confidence and increased safety. The course includes all of the information in our online training, but is updated to include information on the Garmin integrated autopilot and the Columbia 350 and 400 Engine System page. It includes two disks for more than six hours of VFR + IFR training.

In our VFR G1000 Transition Training course, you'll learn:

* Benefits & Disadvantages of Glass Cockpits
* G1000 System Architecture
* Using the Primary Flight Display (PFD)
* Operating the NAV & COM radios
* Using the Engine Indication System
* Using the Multifunction Display for Traffic, Weather, etc.
* Flight Planning using the GPS
* Details on using the KAP 140 Autopilot
* Steps in a typical trip in a G1000 equipped Cessna 172

The IFR G1000 Transition Training course not only covers the G1000, but presents IFR as a series of structured processes. It thoroughly covers all of the major elements that IFR pilots need to remember during every phase of an IFR flight and integrates use of the G1000 into each of the IFR processes.

Pre-Owned Parts Inventory

FlightPath maintains an inventory of pre-owned avionics as a result of upgrades and 20+ years of accumulation.
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As a result of our partnerships with various manufacturers we frequently receive special promotions that we pass on to our customers.

Promotion: Mid-Continent MD-302
Price: $10,295.00
Promotion: ASPEN 1000 PRO
Price: $10,295.00
Desc: get your aspen installed out the door most aircraft for 10295.00

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Mid-Continent MD-302

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